Vincenzo Frattini (Salerno,1978) He graduated in painting in 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (Italy), where he attended the experimental laboratory "Quartapittura”, coordinated by the master Nini Sgambati.

The aim of the course was to produce works with poetic related to mass events, such as the installation-performance “Sogno Comune” at the Lia Rumma Gallery of Naples in 2003. Ever growing interest in painting, in the years of study is also close to experimental video. Since 2002 he participated in several group exhibitions and awards. In 2003 the Museum of Environmental Art of Giffoni Sei Casali (Italy) acquires a sculpture entitled "Il raccoglitore di lune”. In 2006 he was invited to participate with a video at the art exhibition “Loading” curated by Francesca Boenzi at the castello Baronale of Acerra (Naples). In 2007 he participated in the itinerant video exhibition, curated by Irina Danilova, Project 59 seconds video festival, event presented in New York, Vienna and at PAN museum in Naples. In the same year was selected for the final of the Celeste Prize (Rome), video section, with the work "Tentativo di volo n°2" - Tribute to Gino De Dominicis. In 2008 he participated in the group exhibition “Play again” at the Paola Verrengia gallery in Salerno. In recent years, re-directs its research towards the painting making the interplay of chromatic and form the leitmotif of his work. Lives and works in Pellezzano (Salerno - Italy)



Solo exhibitions



Schede/2005 , Young art in Salerno, Selezioni D’Arte Gallery - Salerno





La giovinezza reale e l'irreale maturità, curated by Antonello Tolve, Confindustria Salerno



Sintesi Luglio 2008 , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Play Again , Paola Verrengia Gallery, Salerno.

One line fifty cents , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli



Eterotopie/Eterocromie , curated by Maria Giovanna Mancini, Menna Foundation, Salerno.

Premio Celeste , ( IV edition ), curated by Gianluca Marziani, Higher Institute of Fire Fighting, finalist video section.

Echi Temporanei , curated by Marcella Ferro, FRAC Museo Fondo Regionale d’arte Contemporanea Baronissi (Salerno)



Project 59 , Galapagos Art Space   Brooklyn, New York, PAN Museum,   Napoli

Il Vuoto e il Pieno, Lanificio 25, Napoli

Loading , curated by Francesca Boenzi, Castello Baronale di Acerra (NA).

Oltre il giardino , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Il Vuoto e il Pieno ,  , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.



Cielò, Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Invenit , Castel dell’ Ovo, Napoli

Archeo doc fest, International Review, Ercolano (Napoli).

Fair play, Exhibition of video art curated by Laura Carcano, Complesso Monumentale di Santa Sofia, Salerno.

Concorso di Idee , Castelnuovo, Napoli.



Sogno comune , Lia Rumma Gallery,Napoli.

Differenti sensazioni , International Arts Festival, Biella.

Un altro mo(n)do è possibile , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Non è vero, non ci credo, ma ci vengo beach holiday, Bacoli, (Napoli).



Artists’s home , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Palazzina Neoclassica , Museum of Environmental Art of Giffoni Sei Casali, Salerno – permanent installation.

Corto d’autore , III National Review of independent Filmmakers. Centro sociale “S. Della Porta” Avellino.

Gangsta , Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

IMMAGINA Academy of Fine Arts,Napoli.

Expanding Plastic After Four Picture Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Napoli.

Oltre , Complesso monumentale Santa Maria del Rifugio. Cava dei Tirreni (SA)



Costantinopoli 107 A ,new creativity in Campania, Old Town Ripe San Ginesio, Macerata.

Tempi di posa , Villa Romana, Baronissi (SA)

New Genius   , artists reported, curated by Esc, Casina Pompeiana, Villa Comunale, Napoli.